Do you know what the IMI rate is applied in your municipality for 2023 ??? In Portimão the rate applied is 0.40%.

IMI rate fell in 50 municipalities and increased in seven. The vast majority of the 308 municipalities decided to keep IMI in 2023.


Pagar IMI em 2023
Portuguese municipalities have already disclosed the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) rate to be applied in 2023. The vast majority decided to keep the tax. There are 50 municipalities that will reduce this rate. And only two advanced with an increase in IMI in 2023 (Tábua and Matosinhos). The good news is that about 59% of the 308 municipalities will charge families the minimum IMI rate (0.3%) this year.

Annually, the municipalities fix the IMI rates to be charged in the following year to the citizens and communicate them to the Tax and Customs Authority (AT) until December 31. And, according to Article 112 of the  IMI Code, updates of these rates can only be carried out within well-defined limits:

  • Urban buildings the rate varies between 0.3% and 0.45%;
  • Rustic buildings is 0.8%.

It is precisely the IMI rates defined in each year by the municipalities that will determine the final amount to be paid of house tax, since the calculation of the IMI presupposes the multiplication of the rate fixed in each municipality by the Taxable Patrimonial Value (VPT) of the property.

At a time when inflation is crushing household budgets, 50 municipalities have decided to lower the IMI rate in 2023, as was the case of:

  • Gondomar (to 0.4%);
  • Loures (0.367%);
  • Santiago do Cacém (0.33%);
  • Seixal (0.34%);
  • Beja (0,3%),
  • Barcelos (0.33%)
  • Covilhã (0.3%);
  • Lagos (0.3%);
  • Tavira (0.33);
  • Montijo (0.34%);
  • Famalicão (0.34%);
  • Almada (0.35%);
  • Maia (0.36%);
  • Odivelas (0.35%).

And only two decided to raise the IMI rate according to the data published in the Finance Portal and analyzed by the press: Tábua, which increased from 0.3% to 0.35%, and Matosinhos, which went from 0.325% to 0.375%.

Where is the maximum and minimum IMI rate applied? What about family IMI?

There are a total of 183 chambers (59% of the total) that have set their IMI rate in 2023 at the minimum stipulated by law (0.3%). And among them is Lisbon, Amadora, Leiria, Coimbra, Bragança, Funchal, Castelo Branco, Viseu, Oeiras or Sintra.

The IMI for the maximum rate is charged in only seven municipalities in the country (about 2.3% of the total): Vila Real de Santo António, Alandroal, Cartaxo, Nazaré, Caminha, Mafra and Vila Nova de Poiares. 

In addition to the trend of recent years to be of decrease of IMI, there are also more and more municipalities to join the family IMI: it went from 254 municipalities in 2022 to 266 this year, almost 90% of the total, according to  the Jornal de Negócios.   allows to have tax rebates for families with children between 20 euros (one child) to 70 euros (three or more children).

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