Palsul - Group, has the privilege of informing its customers of the main shows that will take place in the Algarve region throughout 2023

Many of the main shows that will take place in the Algarve region throughout the year have already been released, tickets can be purchased through the Algarve Marafado Online Newspaper, the link is at the end of the description! Have a good time!

Artists and well-known groups of the Portuguese, such as, among others, Xutos & Pontapés, Carlão, Adriana Calcanhoto, Calema, Tony Carreira, Fernando Daniel and Nininho Vaz Maia will perform on Algarve stages, but there are many other concerts scheduled.

Check out the schedule, which will be updated as new confirmations emerge:


DAY March 17, Friday:

OLHÃO: Bárbara Tinoco takes the stage of the Municipal Auditorium of Olhão, at 9:30 pm. Tickets cost 20 euros


DAY April 7, Friday:

FARO: First of two Xutos & Pontapés concerts (9:30 pm) at the Teatro das Figuras in Faro. Tickets cost 32.5 and 35 euros and are on sale 

DAY April 8, Saturday:

FARO: Second concert of Xutos & Pontapés (21h30) at teatro das Figuras, in Faro. Tickets cost 32.5 and 35 euros and are on sale 

ALBUFEIRA: Performance of Carlão (21h00), in a concert integrated in the "Albufeira Sea Fest", in Praça dos Pescadores.

DAY April 14, Friday:

FARO: Concert by Miguel Araújo (9:30 pm) at the Teatro das Figuras, in Faro. Tickets cost 25 and 30 euros and can be purchased 

DAY April 19, Wednesday:

LOULÉ: Concerto of the band Clan, at Cineteatro Louletano (21h00). Tickets at 12 euros for sale 

DAY April 21, Friday:

LAGOA: André Sardet concert, which is celebrating 25 years of career, in the Carlos do Carmo auditorium in Lagoa.

DAY April 24, Monday:

LOULÉ: Concert of The Girl No, with Luca Algiers as a guest, at cineteatro Louletano (21h00). Tickets at 10 euros for sale 

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DAY May 18, Thursday:

PORTIMÃO: The program "Choque Frontal ao Vivo" receives, at 9:00 pm, in the small auditorium of the Teatro Municipal de Portimão (TEMPO), the singer Filipa Sousa. Free entry upon early withdrawal of invitations.


DAYS June 17-19:

PORTIMÃO: Festival Secret Project (Praia da Rocha).

DAY May 18, Thursday:

FARO: Adriana Calcanhoto concert at teatro das Figuras, in Faro (9:30 pm). Tickets can now be purchased 

DAYS 28 to 30 June:

PORTIMÃO: Afro Nation Portugal Festival (Praia da Rocha). Among others, it will count on the performances of Burna Boy, 50 Cent and Booba.

DAYS June 29 to July 2:

LOULÉ: Another edition of the MED Festival, an event that has a total of 66 concerts. The names already released for this edition are: Amadou&Mariam (Mali), Amaro Freitas (Brazil), AYWA (Morocco/France), BandaAdriatica (Italy), Bandua (Portugal), Bateu Matou (Portugal), Bia Ferreira (Brazil), Bulimundo (Cape Verde),  Club Makumba (Portugal), Horace Andy (Jamaica), Lavoisier (Portugal), Omar Souleyman (Syria), Onipa (Ghana/UK), Sara Correia (Portugal), Sarah McCoy (USA), Seventh Legion (Portugal) and Pedro Mafama (Portugal).

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DAY 5 To July 7:

PORTIMÃO:  Hip-hop festival Rolling Loud Portugal (Praia da Rocha), with performances, among many other artists and groups, by Tavis Scott (day 5), Playboi Carti (day 6) and Meek Mill (day 7).


AUGUST 1st, Tuesday:

PORTIMÃO:  First day of the Sardine Festival, with the performance of Carlão.

DAY August 2, Wednesday:

PORTIMÃO:  Second day of the Sardine Festival, with the performance of Áurea.

AUGUST 3rd, Thursday:

PORTIMÃO:  Third day of the Sardine Festival, with the performance of André Sardet.

DAY August 4, Friday:

PORTIMÃO:  Fourth day of the Sardine Festival, with the performance of Virgul.

AUGUST 5th, Saturday:

PORTIMÃO:  Penultimate day of the Sardine Festival, with the performance of Cuca Roseta.

AUGUST 6th, Sunday:

PORTIMÃO: Last day of the Sardinha Festival, with the performance of Tony Carreira.

DAY August 10, Thursday:

PORTIMÃO:  Start of the Mar Me Quer Festival, with concerts by Calema and Ivandro.

DAY August 11, Friday:

PORTIMÃO:  Second day of the Festival Mar Me Quer, with the performances of Plutonium and T-REX+Julinho KSD.

DAY August 12, Saturday:

PORTIMÃO: Last day of the Festival Mar Me Quer, with the performances of Fernando Daniel and Nininho Vaz Maia.

DAY August 17, Thursday:

FARO: Show "Mais à Larga", which brings together António Zambujo, César Mourão and Miguel Araújo on stage at the Teatro das Figuras (9:30 pm).

DAY August 19, Saturday:

FARO: D'ZRT Concert at The Algarve Stadium (9pm). Tickets cost 35 euros and are already on sale

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