About us ; Retraite Dorée Au Portugal

AMI: 10303

We are a real estate company Retraite Dorée Au Portugal  that has been operating in the Real Estate Sales market for more than 10 years.


With a serious pattern in the provision of real estate services, we seek to conduct good business efficiently, thus providing tranquility to our customers.
Originally created to sell properties tailored to the needs of our clients, which over the years has expanded its operations throughout the country.

Our team of collaborators is made up of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge to suggest the best alternatives. In addition, we have a fully computerized system, which allows greater agility in the research and adequacy of the property profile to customer requests.

In 2016, PalSul- Retraite Dorée Au Portugal participated in the real estate fair that took place in Paris, thus expanding its sales network and conquering 90% of its French-speaking customers, including our emigrants spread across that country that always knew how to welcome us very well.

This fair also contributed to taking the name of Portugal and Algarve across borders, dazzling the eyes of the most curious and interested in the most beautiful landscapes of this piece of paradise, which we have the possibility to enjoy daily.


The PalSul in Paris!