Are you thinking of changing the doors of your home? These are the materials, styles and finishes that triumph this season. The Palsul Group can help you!

1- Sliding doors
Sliding doors are at the top of the list, because they are being mandatory in the most avant-garde homes, they allow you to create open, flexible and multipurpose spaces, allowing you to confine rooms or generate a large space depending on privacy needs.

2- Glass doors
Glass doors are another of those elements that architects have put as their flag this season. They allow you to delimit the space, and let in the light, but not the sound or the smells.

3- Colored doors

The colors of the doors can make a difference in the decoration, but they must follow a paint that matches the entire style of the environment.

4- Hidden or invisible doors
Sometimes an ordinary door spoils the appearance of the wall, and this can be an interesting design solution. The decoration on the wall is not interrupted, and can be continued at the door. They are made of a special door leaf for painting and finishing, the hinges are also hidden, only the handles can help determine the door, but even they can be successfully hidden.

5- Wooden Doors
Wooden doors are versatile and timeless. The natural wood option is a classic in interior doors, it always looks good, regardless of the interior design of your home. Wood brings sophistication to environments and also coziness.