Much has been heard of the word Rooftop in Civil Construction, do you know what its meaning is?




The construction market is constantly evolving and one of them is the rooftop concept. Learn more about the innovative leisure option that is the new tendency of the real estate segment


Rooftop is among the main current trends among the types of apartment plans, because it contemplates three important points and much sought after by those looking for leisure in their residence: view, fresh air and lighting.

For those who do not give up a good view with beautiful landscapes and outdoors with safety and total comfort, the rooftop is the best choice.

We know that living in busy cities, such as São Paulo, can be, for some, a somewhat stressful experience. Therefore, a moment of tranquility away from all the chaos of the big city is essential.

But, after all: what is a rooftop?

Now you will find out more about this innovative concept and know why it has been so successful in apartment plans.

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What is Rooftop: understand more about the concept


In literal translation, rooftop means "roof". Therefore, it is an environment located at the top of the enterprises.

This means that the rooftop is nothing more than a terrace made in a sophisticated and intelligent way in order to enhance a more complete, healthy and interesting life for those who live there.

Therefore, it is increasingly common to see residential gyms that are located on top of buildings, as well as infinity pools that work very well as a leisure area of the development of common use for residents.

The rooftop has arrived to bring all this even more complete.