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When we move into the first house, knowing what to buy is a recurring issue. There are more than many decoration and home products stores and their offer is varied and very attractive. Therefore, it is often difficult to resist the temptation to buy everything and more, but you have to have some restraint and attention to budget.

To help you in this quest Palsul-Group leave the tip,   of what to buy for your first home, we have listed the essential items for your home's contents and those that you can wait a few months to buy or that you can even do without. Be objective and practical and don't let yourself be enchanted by everything you see for sale, as what is advertised as essential is not always true.


Division by division: this is how this guide will show you what you really shouldn't do without and all the necessary items to make the experience of a first home the best and most peaceful experience ever.


The checklist for the first house starts in the bedroom. The bedroom is, above all, a sleeping room, so you should focus on all the accessories and items that help make your rest better. So, choosing a bed and a good mattress is the first step you should take in decorating your new room. Afterwards, you should follow your taste, always remembering that this room should be the most clean and minimalist, in order to promote a deeper and more relaxed rest.



  • Bed + mattress;
  • Wardrobe and chest of drawers (depending on the amount of clothing you have);
  • Sheet sets (at least 2) and pillows;
  • Mattress protector;
  • Duvet;
  • Bedside table (at least one, to serve as support);
  • Curtains;
  • Ceiling lamp.


  • Table lamps or other points of light;
  • Mirrors;
  • Frames;
  • Decorative pillows;
  • Television.


For the bathroom, select materials that are easily washable, resistant to vapors and moisture and that give this room a fresh and airy air. As bathrooms are often poorly ventilated spaces without natural light, make sure you bring them color and light with the accessories you select to decorate them.


  • Storage furniture;
  • Mirror;
  • Towel racks;
  • Toothbrush holder;
  • Soap holder;
  • Toilet paper case;
  • Towels (4 bath towels + 8 face towels + 2 for the bath exit);
  • Bath curtain (if necessary).


  • Shelves for decoration;
  • Shampoo and shower gel holder;
  • Mat.
  • Now our checklist Now our checklist for your first home arrives in the living room. As the name implies, this is a space for relaxation and socializing. For this reason, it is essential to invest in a very comfortable sofa, where you can rest after arriving home from work or where you can receive your friends and spend long hours chatting.

    It is essential that the living room has all the essential items to spend a good time, whether watching a movie or simply relaxing.


    • Sofa (preferably sofa bed);
    • Shelf;
    • Television;
    • Curtains.


    • Cushions;
    • Armchair;
    • Center table;
    • Mat;
    • Decorative objects.
  • Dining room

  • The dining area is a very important area of ​​the house and, of course, it is not complete if it does not have a table and chairs sufficiently capable of welcoming the whole family and, preferably, receiving some of the most frequent guests. There are a number of models available on the market.

    Choose according to the size of your room and the decorative style that you most appreciate and make the most of this essential piece of furniture.


    • Dining table with at least four chairs.
  • Extras

    • Sideboard or support piece.


  • The space dedicated to taking care of your laundry requires some investment, such as the washing machine and the iron, for example, but the good news is that the offer available is very diverse and there are constant promotions that you can and should take advantage of, at time to buy these appliances.


    • Washing machine;
    • Ironing board;
    • Iron;
    • Cabinet for storing cleaning products;
    • Clothes drying;
    • Dirty laundry basket;
    • Broom and shovel or vacuum;
    • Bucket and mop.



  • Perhaps it is the room in the house that you will have to fill the most, as you cannot cook your daily meals without a stove, pots and some kitchen utensils. His life would also be a little more complicated without a microwave and he would not be able to eat properly without plates, cutlery or glasses.

    However, don't despair and, before going shopping, do a search for the cheapest surfaces or those that have promotions and, if necessary, buy each item in a different place, if you see that this is rewarding for you in the end. Take the checklist with you and there will be no margin for error.


    • Stove or hob and oven;
    • Fridge;
    • Microwave;
    • Storage cabinets;
    • Pots and pans (at least 3 of different sizes);
    • Dishes (namely dishes);
    • Cutlery set;
    • Drainer;
    • Can opener and corkscrew;
    • Pot base;
    • Baking tray;
    • Frying pans;
    • Cooking utensils such as spoons, ladle, slotted spoon, etc;
    • Glass and coups;
    • Knives for cutting foods;
    • Dishcloths;
    • Plastic or glass containers;
    • Board;
    • Scissors;
    • Tablecloths (at least two).


    • Blender;
    • Dishwasher;
    • Food mixer;
    • Grill;
    • Toaster;
    • Kitchen robot;
    • Dough drainer;
    • Pizza cutter;
    • Detergent and sponge holder;
    • Trash can;
    • Handles;
    • Salt and sugar bowl.
  • Other accessories

    • Locks;
    • Basic tools (hammer, nails, screwdriver, screws, measuring tape…);
    • Electrical extensions.

    The checklist we made for you for your first home is long and extensive, but this way you'll know exactly how to organize your priority list and define precisely what you should buy now and what you can leave for later.

    See your new home as a project that is constantly growing and updating, so you don't need to have everything ready, even to your liking, today. The important thing is that it is functional and, slowly, it identifies itself with each piece it acquires, as a result of its effort and capacity to wait.

    Face the challenge with a smile on your face and the enthusiasm of someone who is building something from scratch.



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