Citizen Card will change: how will it be?

The Citizen Card will be renewed and gain new features. It will have the particularity of being 'contactless' and may have other uses, for example, as a transport ticket. This is one of the administrative simplification measures of the Simplex program, which will be presented this Wednesday, July 10, by the Government.

The renewal of the Citizen Card is therefore one of the 18 measures of the Simplex program to move forward. "These measures, above all more focused on the citizen, are those that bring added value, simplification, efficiency, to the citizen and to companies," the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Administrative Modernization told Lusa.

For Mário Campolargo, the new Citizen Card is "certainly very paradigmatic". This is because not only will the security measures of the card be updated, but it will also have the new functionality of being 'contactless', he pointed out.

Currently, "we are very used to using bank cards that do not need to get into" a box to read them, but "just getting closer to the equipment," the official said. "This is what our Citizen Card will have", making the identification "simpler", since it is enough to approach the Citizen Card to the machine, either in a Citizen's Store, or in a hospital.

In addition, the Secretary of State for Digitalization assured the "continuous security, the technological 'update', the technological update" of this new Citizen Card, which "will open a set of very broad perspectives for use cases". One of them concerns the use of the Citizen Card as a transport ticket, but will also give access to the opening of a bank account in digital and face-to-face channels. The car insurance, student card or donor card will now appear in the digital wallet, writes the Jornal de Negócios.

"It is a generic measure for the entire population and will be progressively implemented," said Mário Campolargo.

The new citizen cards will be tested and produced by the end of 2023. And the idea is that they will begin to be made available from 2024, "replacing those who are reaching the end of life," added the official quoted by the same newspaper.

What are the other Simplex measurements in the gutter?

In addition to the new Citizen Card, the Simplex program also wants to make the job search more agile, dematerialize the multipurpose certificate and reform licensing in urbanism:

  • Job Search + Agile: here the job search in IEFP will become more agile, with more effective crossing between offers and job applications with algorithmic systems;
  • Multipurpose Certificate Once: the medical certificate of multipurpose disability will have a "more intuitive" and "faster" use, since the document is automatically recognized by all ministries and services that need it to grant benefits of various orders;
  • Reform of licensing in urban planning, spatial planning and industry: "Continue to simplify the licensing procedures of urban operations, standardizing administrative procedures in all municipalities," commits the office of the Secretary of State for Administrative Modernization. 

Among other measures of the Simplex program are also the electronic invoice for entrepreneurs, the tacit approval verifier, the OK address (extend the change of address on the citizen card to the address to be considered for the  purposes of bank accounts), and Car Insurance in the Digital Wallet.

idealista July 10, 2023

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