IMI reassessment request: does it pay off? Let's see!

How to request IMI reassessment

To be able to pay a lower amount of IMI, you have to request a new assessment from the Tax and Customs Authority (AT). This request will evaluate the Tax Asset Value (VPT) of the property.

Only property owners or legal representatives can do so, with minimum intervals of three years. The order is free and can be made in person at one of the Finance counters or online, on the Finance Portal.

The calculation of the IMI shall be equal to the VPT to be multiplied by the  applicable rate

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The municipality where the property is inserted is the one that stipulates the rates to be applied in the IMI every year. All updates can be consulted on the Finance Portal.

However, before you take this step, you should know if it is really worth asking for a new appraisal of the property. You have to take into account the following points, which will be calculated at the time of evaluation:

  • Coefficient of old age – age of the property;
  • Location coefficient – check if the place where you live has appreciated or devalued;
  •  Base value of the buildings built;
  • Coefficient of quality and comfort.

Another reason that can lead you to evaluate your home is the change of the areas of the property. For this, you always need to present the proof of the same.

After the positive opinion of the revaluation, the new amount to be paid is only valid from the year in which the request was made.  If you do not agree with the result of the IMI revaluation, you can request a second evaluation within 30 days of notification of the first result.

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How to request IMI reassessment online

To request the reassessment of IMI you can also do it online. For this you only have to go to the page of the Portal das Finanças, access it with your data (NIF and access password) and you must fill in the declaration of Model 1 of IMI.

As we mentioned earlier, it is important that you check if it is worth asking for the revaluation of the property. On the Finance website you have a simulator to calculate the VPT of your property. If after doing the simulation the value is lower than your Land Booklet indicates, then you should ask for a revaluation, as you will pay less in the future.

After logging into the portal, you must follow the following steps (do not forget to have all the necessary documents by your side, namely the building book and NIF):

  • Go to "Tax Services";
  • Click on "Citizens";
  • Go to "Deliver";
  • Click on "Statements" and select "IMI";
  • Go to "Registration/update of buildings";
  • Places the NIF and access password;
  • Choose if you want to deliver the declaration from the website or if you prefer to download the application and fill it out from there;
  • In the "Initial frame" indicates what type of property you want to update;
  • In "Table 1" the NIF of the owner of the property is a contact;
  • Under "Reason" click on "Evaluation  Request - outdated VPT;
  • In "Table 2" click on "Add" and fill in the data present in your building booklet;
  • In the "Table" indicates the fraction code, the NIF of the owner, the type of tax domicile and owner. If the property is a "Asset couple", load this item and indicate the NIF of the spouse;
  • In "Table 4" fill in the fields with the data of your property booklet;
  • In "Table 5" it indicates the type of purpose of the property;
  • In "Table 6" it states the date of the license of use and the age of the building;
  • Validates and submits the request.